i am passionate about ideas and the communication of the right messages. as a qualified graphic designer, i have had experience working freelance, contract, in-house, voluntarily and in a design agency setting.

my strongest skills are in putting together creative projects that are purpose driven. my commercial abilities range from general print design and branding to stop-motion film making, hands on application, (digital photography/make-up/hair/building of sets) and photographic manipulation. i love working creatively and doing something a bit different.

this blog contains a range of creative work, some of which was simply done for enjoyment. this page collates together some more practical applications. i have tried to avoid doubling up where possible, so feel free to explore the site, as well as looking here.

i am available for creative commissions and to do freelance/contract work. please email:
t i n y g r e e n o b j e c t @ g m a i l . c o m
(no spaces) to enquire.




above: concept, design and implementation of large scale project with ‘stoffwechsel e.V,’ based in dresden, germany. logo, sourcing of materials, build, hair, makeup, photoshoots, post production editing and final presentation in prominent display window. for more of this project see the original post.

DOD1DOD2above: complete branding and promotional design for a photographic exhibition in tauranga, new zealand. the exhibition dealt with the issues of depression, suicide and despair. run by steiger new zealand, an internationally established non-profit organisation. was also one of the core team of creatives for this exhibition, which was supported by a wider team and the local community. this role included everything from initial concepts, to effects for photoshoots, typography, set up of the exhibition space, etc.TheWharfBCabove: business card design.nlmposterabove: promotional poster for the tour of an international band in new zealand.DLConsulting1above: complete rebranding of the company ‘DL Consulting,’ based in hamilton, new zealand. all corporate materials designed, from stationary and advertising to the website.DLConsulting2above: online interface design for extensive digital library software, for ‘DL Consulting.’ icons, colour schemes, layouts, functionality and user testing. (not back end code for build).MOTA2above: art direction for the second edition of ‘MOTA Magazine,’ germany. oversaw the design and correction of the whole magazine, took the photos of the doll in the rear spread and the portrait in the front spread. layout, typography, writing for two articles.MOTA1above: designer of newsletters for a team of volunteers in thailand.Flyers1above: miscellaneous designs for freelance clients; conference flyer and menu.Greenstone1above: redesign of logo for ‘Greenstone,’ operating out of the University of Waikato. design of icons for new computing software.Misc1above: miscellaneous designs for well know clients, ‘Subway’ flyer, form for the ‘University of Waikato’ and precise layout of german labels for health brand ‘Manuka Health.’Misc2above: design for ‘Jersey New Zealand,’ conference flyer.Misc3above: regular layout of business cards for ‘AgResearch,’ new zealand.


above: design of logo and symbols for a large independent project, painted and laser cut from cardboard.

below: all design for large scale magazine project, from concepts, to logo and symbols, layout, typography, photography, hair, makeup, post-production, set building and flash based web component.semes3semes2

You may see more of my photography/post production throughout the blog, here are some examples:


please note all images are © tinygreenobject. please credit source if sharing. thank you!


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