you can’t take for granted the ease with which days go by in your own country. the freedoms that you don’t notice are freedoms until you move somewhere else.

in a new land there are many challenges. simple things, like talking. basic communication becomes a landmine of possible offenses, miscommunications, lost words, funny accents and brain strain. your personality is no longer your own to exude, your bumbling speech and subsequently lowered confidence portrays you as it will. talking becomes work. social interaction follows suit. tv, radio, signs, menus – work.

which way do you look to cross the street? are the shops still open? how do i use this? these questions and many more threaten you each day with having the appearance of a toddler who’s not quite potty trained – but should be by now.

i want to just go and visit so and so – oh – wait, they are thousands of miles away and most likely unconscious. maybe i’ll go for a drive – except i can’t drive here yet. just call a friend? they are all asleep. keen on that particular snack? they don’t have it here.

but it’s not all bad. there are new things. challenges. potential.

still – there’s no place like home.


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